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Crash risks for Missouri motorcyclists: evident and outsized

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Here’s a certainty concerning the banter that exists among seasoned Missouri motorcycle riders when they get together: If prompted, every one of them can share a story – even multiple tales – regarding a close call on a state roadway.

That’s just a given, a reality borne by experience and buttressed by stark statistical data underscoring risks posed for bikers.

Some compelling proofs spotlighting motorcyclists’ challenges

Simple observance of conscientious and skilled motorcyclists negotiating traffic on Missouri streets and highways readily confirms some of the overt safety challenges they face.

To wit: Drivers in passenger vehicles, commercial trucks and larger conveyances often cut them off. Negligent motorists follow motorcyclists too closely. They fail to signal their intentions while turning.

Those and additional behind-the-wheel behaviors can wreak devastating and even fatal consequences for bikers, who are obviously comparatively vulnerable when out in traffic. Crash facts spotlight how truly risky the road can be for motorcyclists. Here is some relevant motorcycle accident/injury data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • Nearly 5,000 riders and their passengers killed nationally in a recent year
  • Glaring overrepresentation in biker-linked fatalities (about 14% of all deaths despite motorcycles comprising only 3% of vehicles in operation)
  • Stunning fatality rate for motorcyclists, with riders in accidents being approximately 28 times more likely to die than occupants in passenger vehicles

Missouri crash statistics instantly confirm the NHTSA’s sobering data. Information supplied by state law enforcers shows high double-digit biker fatalities occurring every year

Biker empowerment through strong post-crash legal action

Legions of motorcycle riders and their families are harmed by third-party negligence. They do not have to passively endure further wrongdoing in the wake of a crash.

In fact, pursuing a meaningful legal remedy can secure multiple important goals for accident victims and their loved ones.

For starters, a claim can spotlight accountability. Moreover, it might also have a deterring effect by putting reckless individuals on notice that similarly careless conduct in the future will be noted and addressed.

And, of course, a remedy marked by maximum compensation can be invaluable for its application to current and future financial needs.

Motorcyclists command the same roadway rights as other drivers do. They can take strong legal action when third-party negligence inflicts personal injury.



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