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How to get a fee waiver for Chapter 7

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

According to the U.S. Courts, the filing fee for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $338 as of 2023. However, there are additional administrative and other fees in most cases.

For those who are struggling financially, these fees can present a significant hurdle. There is a potential option for these individuals. This is where a Chapter 7 bankruptcy fee waiver can come into play.

Fee waiver

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy fee waiver is a means for individuals with limited income and financial hardship to request relief from the obligation to pay the filing fee. The court grants the fee waiver depending on the debtor’s financial situation and ability to pay.

Eligibility for a fee waiver

A means test determines eligibility for a fee waiver and it assesses the debtor’s income and expenses to establish whether their financial situation meets the criteria for a waiver. To qualify, income must be less than 150% of the poverty guidelines for the debtor’s family size.

How to apply

To initiate the debt relief process under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, prospective debtors must formally submit a request alongside their bankruptcy petition. Subsequently, the judicial body will meticulously scrutinize the submission and the accompanying financial details to ascertain the eligibility of the applicant. Upon a favorable determination, the court will grant a waiver of the filing fee, thereby rendering the path to bankruptcy relief more attainable for individuals experiencing financial hardship.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy fee waiver is an important tool for many individuals. By providing a means to waive the filing fee, it helps make the bankruptcy process accessible to those who need it most. It is worth looking into for those who fear they cannot afford to file for bankruptcy. But note that the fee waiver does not eliminate all expenses. It just provides relief for the filing fee.



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