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Many assault charges are filed in city or municipal courts throughout western Missouri. A sudden outburst in a local establishment may lead to a bar fight. Neighbors may have a fence line dispute that erupts into allegations of a physical altercation or threat of violence. Incidents of road rage may escalate to an assault and battery charge. More serious cases may be filed in criminal court due to a record of assaults, more serious bodily injury, or the use or brandishing of a weapon. If you are facing any level of assault case, the lawyer you choose to defend your interests can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case — and your future.

Put Nearly 30 Years Of Experience In Your Corner

I am criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Grubb. My criminal defense practice is a premier resource for individuals in eastern Jackson County and Clay County who are charged with assault and other violent offenses. I bring a background of nearly 30 years to present compelling criminal defense strategies, tailored to the individual goals and interests of my clients. I personally review every detail in the prosecution’s case for flaws and weakness, and tirelessly investigate the true facts to provide a goal-oriented defense.

Assault cases frequently have conflicting witness accounts. I strive to develop comprehensive strategies, including evaluating evidence of self-defense, mitigating factors and alternative sentencing procedures to discuss with my clients. Through open and honest communication, I explain all of the options available to allow my clients to participate in their own defense and make informed decisions. I do everything I can to obtain the most favorable outcome possible, including dismissal of the charges, acquittal or reduced charges to minimize the damages.

Turn To A Responsive Assault Defense Lawyer In Independence

I remain highly responsive to clients charged with assault and battery. To arrange a free initial consultation with a highly experienced violent crimes lawyer in Independence, Missouri, send me an email or call 816-252-8848.

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