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Comprehensive Domestic Violence Representation

Domestic violence cases are complex. If law enforcement is called to investigate a domestic disturbance, someone will be hauled down to jail. Prosecutors will likely file criminal charges, and the parties involved have the option to seek a civil restraining order. Often simple disputes and arguments are the basis for a police response to a residence. A domestic violence charge does not require serious bodily injury in Missouri.

The law gives prosecutors wide authority to file domestic violence charges involving actual acts of violence or the threat of violence against a spouse or former spouse, a family member, a person with whom the defendant shares a child, or a person with whom the defendant resides or previously lived with.

Experienced Family Violence Defense Lawyer Serving Eastern Jackson County

At the Grubb Law Firm, P.C., in Independence, Missouri, I represent men and women in all forms of domestic abuse matters. If you have been accused of domestic assault or family violence, I know how to investigate the allegations to prepare the best defense strategy to protect your rights. I meticulously review the evidence to uncover the weaknesses in the state’s case. Unfortunately, domestic violence allegations may be an attempt of one person to gain the upper hand in child custody or divorce matters and not founded in fact.

If you have been served with an ex parte order of protection based on domestic abuse allegation, you have a limited amount of time to retain an experienced lawyer to guard your rights in the civil proceeding.

Call A Trusted Lawyer To Protect Your Rights

Whether you are facing criminal charges or a civil order of protection problem based on allegations of domestic abuse, I have the knowledge and experience to aggressively protect your rights.

To request a free initial consultation with a full-service domestic violence attorney, I invite you to call me in Independence at 816-252-8848 or send me an email. I offer flexible scheduling.

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